By Dr. Bert Bauman

IT IS THE WILL OF GOD to heal you. His desire is that you enjoy fullness of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Few truths in scripture are more clearly stated. When Jesus walked in the flesh, He was the express image of God in order that the world might see the great love God has for man and how that love would react when faced with man's problems, Jesus never refused anyone who came to Him for healing. Though trials of all kinds, including ill health, often come to those who live Godly lives, this does not change the revelation of God through Jesus Christ that it is His will to heal. He has made provision in His word for healing in this life. Further evidence of His benevolent will for mankind exists in the fact that men are steadily being enlightened in the healing sciences. Every good gift comes from God and surely people in the healing arts are such a gift, The very existence of such men and women in the world is consistent with the scriptural revelation that it is God's will to heal.

In the beginning, man was created in perfect health. More than that, God also put within him a healing mechanism which was designed to maintain that blessed state. If for any reason the personality failed to function according to God's magnificent design, these mechanisms were to automatically adjust and restore what was disrupted. Though the white corpuscles in the bloodstream are an important part in this healing system, there are undefined soul powers in which are locked the very secrets of life itself. Doctors are often mystified by the patient who unaccountably recovers to live and the one who unexpectedly dies without apparent cause. "I am fearfully and wonderfully made...", is the psalmist's glad observation!

Though man was created in perfection, with all provision to maintain that happy state, the entrance of sin cut the man off from his Divine lifeline and he began to die. The vital forces of his nature which were perpetually replenished in his union with God, were now diminishing and the strength of life went out of him so that death became his inevitable end. The warning of God became reality. " the day you eat thereof you shall surely die." A more accurate translation of the original is the literal, " dying you shall die." We know Adam did not die on the same day he sinned for he lived many more years, but he began to die that day. Undoubtedly, the self-preservation mechanism which kept him in health began to fail that day. It was this devitalized nature that Adam passed on to his children and so death passed through to all men. But a far more heinous consequence resulted from this weakened, God-separated condition. Man became a sinner and through this accursed state, death and suffering multiplied in the race.

Death Brought In Sin

Sin entered the world through Adam and death came through his sin. Adam passed on a nature with death in it and death passed through to all men, consequently, because of this devitalized nature, all men became sinners. Romans 5:12 explains the process but a correction in the usual English translations must be made to understand it fully. The common understanding is that Adam's offspring die because they sin but this can be only partly true since babies who have never sinned often die. The truth is, they die because they inherit the devitalized human nature. The original words translated by the Authorized Version "... so death passed upon all men for that all have sinned," is more literally translated, " UPON WHICH all sinned", The Concordant New Testament gives the following: "death passed through to all men upon which all sinned." Because of death within his devitalized nature man does not have the strength to live as he should. Indeed, though he desires to do right, he finds no strength to do so.

Human Nature Is Good

It is essential to understand that human nature is not sinful -- and having said that, I wish to define my words. We have a tendency to use words carelessly and this bad habit is the reason so much of God's truth is obscured. Words such as human, heart, nature, sin are too often used interchangeably and this together with our consistent failure to do right leads to the erroneous conclusion that it is man's nature to sin. God created the complicated design we call man's nature. He created it good and was well pleased with what He made. Only one thing changed in man through the fall -- he lost his power to live! But within his nature remains that high aspiration to be like his Maker. He does not always know why but something within constantly drives him unto perfection. It is expressed in every human pursuit and endeavor. Paul declares that the heathen do by nature what Judaism's law requires. What the law of Moses spells out in letter is written in the heart of man. The instructed heart with the law upon it and the sense of justice in conscience is part of man's original nature. The mislead and corrupted heart and the seared, misinformed conscience is not! Sin and failure is not natural to man. It may be called normal during this age but it is not natural. No man is content with it. His nature is always aware of the upward call that is written upon his instructed heart.

Man Is A Sinner

But to fulfill what is written in heart or stone, is quite another matter. His devitalized nature lacks the strength to reach it's high ideal. Thus he fails because of his weakness end this failure is called sin. Two basic kinds of sin are delineated in scripture. One is transgression or lawlessness, which is disobedience to a revealed law or command. The other is failure to do what is right or what should have been done. The usual word for sin in the original scriptures means to miss the mark. No matter how high man's nature may inspire him to aim, it is too weak to help him hit the mark. He consistently misses and is constituted a sinner.

The Condemning Heart

It is man's heart which is sinful. His nature is basically biased not to sin or fail but to succeed, however, his heart is corrupted by Satanic lies. The heart is exposed by the prophet Jeremiah as "desperately wicked". It is the spring out of which all his motives and actions flow and it is thoroughly deceived. Separated from it's vital source in God, it is totally unprotected and vulnerable to all the floating mass of vain philosophies and evil spirits that saturate the world and so it is filled with wrong ideas, mislead thoughts, distorted knowledge and perverted appetites. These deceptions produce fruits of fear and doubt concerning future well being. Consequently, fear causes man to become a self-protecting, self-seeking, self-depending, self-indulging creature. Because he has been deceived into believing self-service is the purpose of life, all the motives of his heart degenerate into selfishness. This perverted target causes him to miss the mark as to his true nature, which God modeled after Himself… to be a vessel of love. The law which is written in man's heart can only be fulfilled out of love. Selfishness is incompatible with the love nature and so his personality becomes split. The result is a condemning heart. There can be no peace in a fragmented personality -- only discord.

As we have seen, though the heart of man is deceived and predominantly against his nature, it still carries in it the fingerprint of God. Long before He carved the law upon tablets of stone, He imprinted it on man's heart. No wonder mankind is frustrated! Under the debris of Satanic deceptions, within the very foundations of his nature, lies God's call to perfection. What conflict this stirs within! What desperate efforts it launches! Man's deceived and corrupted heart against his God-given nature! He becomes a battlefield -- a divided personality that alternately loves then hates itself. He is a volcano of discontent and frustration that inextinguishable erupts and belches out distress, havoc and destruction. And though he makes desperate attempts to save himself, there is no strength in him to deliver, for the vitality of God has seeped away. Apart from God, life and well-being cannot be sustained. Renewal of his strength through restoration to the Life Source Himself is the only escape -- the only healing -- the only hope!

The Saving Gospel

But it is more than a hope. What oil on troubled waters -- what peace to distraught mind -- what joy to tortured soul lie hidden in the inspired words of the great Apostle to the nations, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first and also to the Greek." Romans 1:16. We have not seized upon the fullness of salvation that Romans 1:16 promises. Our understanding of the word, salvation, has been limited to deliverance from future loss but it contains much, much more than that. God's intention in salvation, is the healing of all that was hurt in man by sin, whether in body, soul or spirit. The word "saved" ("sozo" in the original scriptures) is used to describe being rescued from destruction, saved from sin, made whole, healed from sickness, saved from drowning, and other miscellaneous ways. In the consummation of the ages all the effects of sin, including death, will be erased and rectified, and God will again be ALL IN ALL.

But there is hope today for healing from sin's effects through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who believe. Personal benefit from any truth depends upon believing in it. Believing it does not produce the truth. Truth is fact and it is true whether or not anyone believes it but those who believe become it's beneficiary. It follows then, we only benefit from a truth to the extent of our insight and understanding of it. It is impossible to believe beyond our knowledge and understanding. So it is with the Gospel of Christ. Failing to realize it's full scope robs one of it's full benefits. Many today do not believe physical or emotional healing is promised in the Gospel and so do not benefit in these areas of need. Their lack of understanding limits them to human help alone when illness or distress falls upon them. But there are many who see healing in the Gospel and among them testimonials of blessing abound.

The Healing-Power Gospel

Many excellent books are in print teaching the healing power of the living Christ but in this treatise I wish to emphasize the healing power in the Gospel itself. There is healing in the very word of the Good News! God heals in various ways. Through His sovereign touch He sometimes heals even those who do not know of Him or those who are not even expecting healing. He heals in answer to the persistent prayer of the afflicted. Then there is the healing which comes through faith in Jesus as the Great Physician. Healing also is ministered through the Church in it's sacraments and gifts of the Holy Spirit in the laying on of hands, anointing with oil, the Lord's Supper, etc. And I would set forth yet another vehicle of God's healing grace which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the " power of God unto salvation". Having considered the problem in segments, let us review briefly: Sin has produced death, which is the devitalized human nature as it is separated from God. Death constitutes man a sinner. Death and dying is the current lot of all of nature. Ill health -- physical, emotional, mental -- is the dying state gaining dominance in the personality through overcoming the health maintaining defenses which God has designed into man's nature. And now the answer: The Gospel announces God's reunion with man resulting in new life to those who believe (born again), that is a vivified nature. It announces forgiveness of sins and more than that, it states God no longer deals with us on the basis of sin but has made us children, therefore, the law is no longer in force for those in Christ and there can no longer be any condemnation not even from our own hearts. Death itself will be overcome through the resurrection of a new and restored body and finally, God will conform us into His own image to be like Jesus Christ Himself -- who made all this possible and will reign until He has made all of the Gospel promises reality. What Good News! How little of it we really believe!

How Sin Kills

Having looked at the problem and the answer, let us take up the question of how the health defenses which God built it into our nature are overcome. Two scriptures come immediately to mind: Romans 7:9-14. "For I was alive apart from the law once; but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died. And the commandment, which was ordained to life, I found to be unto death. For sin, taking occasion by the commandment, deceived me, and by it slew me. Wherefore, the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good. Was then that which is good made death unto me? God forbid. But sin, that it might appear sin, working death in me by that which is good -- that sin by the commandment might become exceedingly sinful. For we know that the law is spiritual but I am carnal, sold under sin." And the second scripture is found in 1 Corinthians 15:56. "The sting of death is sin and the strength of sin is the law." These two scriptures say in a few words most of what I have taken many words to say. "The sting of death is sin", restates what we read in Romans 5:12, which was that sin is the consequence of the death within human nature. "The strength of sin is the law", harmonizes with the thoughts in Romans 7:9-14, which shows that sin takes advantage of the law as a weapon to kill. Sin uses that which is good to work the evil of death within man.

Remembering that the law is not only spelled out in stone through Moses but that it is also written within the heart, we see that sin has the necessary weaponry within every individual to kill him. Bizarre as it seems, that which is good in man, the God-instructed heart, becomes an instrument of self-destruction. The very heart within rises against himself to condemn because he fails to do that which it is his nature to do. The sense of justice in conscience passes sentence upon himself. That sentence is death. Wherever law is found, death follows. It is the minister of condemnation and death. This condemnation is reinforced by Satanic accusation and often by friends, relatives and unfortunately, sometimes by the Church whose commission it is to do just the opposite. Thus in the subconscious, the health sustaining powers are neutralized and rendered helpless through the self-imposed sentence of death. Man's heart will not allow him to live and the dying process gains in the soul.

Condemnation -- The Destroyer

When guilt and condemnation overflow the subconscious and enter the consciousness, the personality often breaks down in one way or another. The individual may even become his own physical executioner and commit suicide. Self-hate is at the root of suicide and self-destructive practices. This hatred comes from the condemning heart. Lesser degrees of self-destruction are evident in what is known as the psychosomatic illnesses (which occupy a major proportion of our hospital beds) and the emotional bondages of alcoholism, drug addiction, gluttony and smoking which people do even though they know the practices are self-destructive.


God’s answer to all of this is THE LIBERATING GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! The joyful shout of scripture is that the victory of Jesus was won on behalf of mankind to set them free from the condemnation of sin, self, heart Satan or anyone or anything else in all of God’s universe! "There is, therefore, now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus… Who shall lay anything to the charge of God’s elect? Shall God that justifieth? Who is he that condemneth? Shall Christ that died…. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound; That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ, our Lord." Romans 8:1, 33, 34: 5:20, 21. All this is possible only because of the wonderful work of Jesus who first fulfilled the law then delivered us from it and so stripped sin and death o their lethal weapon. The Holy Spirit declares, we are no longer under law but under the fatherly grace of a loving God. Almost the entire book of Galatians was written to impress this glorious truth upon us – and yet we earnestly persist in beating ourselves and one another with the law, ignoring Christ’s work! HEAR IT! CHRIST HAS FREED YOU FROM THE LAW WITHIN AND THE LAW WITHOUT — FROM CONDEMNATION WITH IN AND CONDEMNATION FROM OUTSIDE! Christ has set you free from the need to succeed and the need to be perfect! God accepts you just as you are! And now to fulfill the hunger for perfection He first paced within you, He also undertakes the task of your heart’s purification. No healing can be complete and lasting where sin continues to rule in the heart, therefore, the Gospel promises deliverance from sin. God is your friend. He is on your side. He is the savior of man not his condemner. He will save you from your self-destructive attitudes and practices if you will believe in Him to do it. Commit your entire self with all that you are, including your sins and problems, into the loving hands of The Faithful Creator. Enter the rest God has prepared for you. Give up your striving for perfection and self-seeking and begin to accept yourself just as you are with all your imperfections ….God does! Forgiveness and grace must become your way of life towards yourself and towards others. Grudges held, hatred for anyone or refusal to forgive someone will hinder you to believe for your own forgiveness. You cannot receive for yourself what you refuse to give others. Make Jesus Christ Lord of your heart so He can help you in thoughts, attitudes and deeds. Forgive yourself at the same time you forgive others, remembering that God does not count trespasses against either you or your enemy.


ALLOW -- NO -- more than that! FORCE this message into your soul. THRUST IT DEEP into your deceived heart until it converts your heart from an instrument of condemnation and death into an agent of deliverance and health. Believe the Gospel in all of it’s goodness so that the natural healing powers in you soul can be released to fight for you. Believe the Gospel so that the nature God gave you will be set free to do it’s powerful healing work. Through God’ creator hand, your healing has always been within you! Release it to do it’s work by believing the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Many are praying for health, enduring painful and expensive treatments, seeking unto healers and following all manner of prescriptions to little or no avail because healing comes from within. No matter how healing is sought, through medicine, therapy, prayer or counseling – barring a miracle – it always comes from within. I am not discounting any method or ministry of healing, for these can be the gracious gift of God to you, however, these can do no more than to help the body and soul to heal itself and their efforts will be greatly hindered or made useless if your heart continually pours the poison of condemnation and death into your sub-conscious. Believing the Gospel can only multiply the effectiveness of any ministry to you – it can never hinder it. Indeed, you may never again need outside ministry if you allow the truth in the Gospel to set you free so that your entire body, soul and spirit can function as they were designed to do.

It is the will of Gad that you walk in health all the days of your life. Your healing is always within you! God has created you that way. Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Corinthians 15:57.


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